CBSE Guess, NCERT Questions Bank for 7th Science - Chapter 4, Heat


CBSE Class 7 NCERT Science - Chapter 4, heat

Solutions of CBSE Hots and additional NCERT Questions

Question.1: Give the names of any three kinds of thermometers.
Answer: Clinical thermometer, Laboratory thermometer, and Maximum-minimum thermometer.
Question.2: Which metal is used in the bulb of thermometer?
Answer: Mercury.
Question.3: What is the unit of temperature?
Answer: SI unit of temperature is Kelvin (K). Other units are Celsius and Fahrenheit.
Question.4: What is the range of clinical thermometer?
Answer: 35OC to 42OC.
Question.5: By which method we get heat from the sun?
Answer: Radiation.
Question.6: What kind of cloth we prefer in summer?
Answer: Light coloured clothes.
Question.7: What are conductors?
Answer: The materials which allow heat to pass through them.
Question.8: State whether following statements are true or false:
a. Our sense of touch about hotness or coldness is not always reliable.
b. Normal temperature of human body is 98.6OC.
c. In all cases heat flows from a hotter object to a colder object.
d. Water at higher temperature feels hotter.
e. Marking on clinical thermometer is from 0OC to 100OC.
f. Shinning thread in thermometer is the column of mercury.
g. The materials which allow heat to pass through them easily are called conductors.
h. Water and air are good conductors of heat.
i. Woolen clothes keep us warm during winter.
j. The maximum and minimum temperature of the day is measured by a laboratory thermometer.
k. Celsius is the SI unit of temperature.
l. Conduction is the method of transfer of heat in gases.
Answer: (a) T  (b) F  (c) T  (d) T  (e) F  (f) T  (g) T  (h) F  (i) T  (j) F  (k) F  (l) F 
Question.9: Fill in the blanks:
(i) Temperature is the measure of _________ of an object.
(ii) The thermometer used to measure human body temperature is called __________ thermometer.
(iii) The normal temperature of human body is ___________OC.
(iv) A ___________ near the bulb of a clinical thermometer prevents mercury level from falling of its own.
(v) The water and air are ___________ conductors of heat.
(vi) All hot bodies radiate ______________.
(vii) Wool is a ____________ conductor of heat.      
Answer: (i) hotness.  (ii) clinical.  (iii) 37.  (iv) kink.  (v) poor.  (vi) heat.  (vii) poor.   

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