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Class X, NCERT (CBSE) Science

Class 10, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
NCERT Solutions - CBSE Guide - CBSE Guess - CBSE Notes

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If you are a student, teacher or academician associated with CBSE Class 10 and searching something of 10th  NCERT Science course then you have landed on the right site.
Here, apart from chapter-wise exercise answers for Class 10 NCERT Science, you get a complete CBSE guide and guess study materials with CBSE notes, MCQ, VBQ, very short, short and long answer type CBSE Guess sample questions with their solutions and more.

CBSE NCERT Solutions - CBSE Guide - CBSE Notes - CBSE Sample Questions and MCQ

NCERT Solutions of Chapter Exercise Questions 
NCERT Answers of In-Text Questions
CBSE Guide + CBSE Guess Questions + CBSE Notes
Chemical Reactions and Equations
CBSE Notes
CBSE Guess
Acids, Bases and Salts
Metals and Non-Metals
CBSE Notes
CBSE Guide

Carbon and its Compounds

Periodic Classification of Elements

Table of Contents continue after the Ad - 

Life Processes

Control and Coordination


CBSE Notes
CBSE Guide

How do Organisms Reproduce ?

Heredity and Evolution

Light - Reflection and Refraction

Human Eye and Colourful World


Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Sources of Energy

Our Environment

Management of Natural Resources

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