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Class X, NCERT (CBSE) Science

Class 10, Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
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If you are a student, teacher or academician associated with CBSE Class 10 and searching something of 10th  NCERT Science course then you have landed on the right site.
Here, apart from chapter-wise exercise answers for Class 10 NCERT Science, you get a complete CBSE guide and guess study materials with CBSE notes, MCQ, VBQ, very short, short and long answer type CBSE Guess sample questions with their solutions and more.

NCERT Solutions - CBSE Guide - CBSE Notes - CBSE Sample Questions and MCQ

NCERT Solutions of Chapter Exercise Questions 
NCERT Answers of In-Text Questions
Extra CBSE Guess Questions + CBSE Notes

Chemical Reactions and Equations


CBSE Guess


Acids, Bases and Salts

Metals and Non-Metals

Carbon and its Compounds

Periodic Classification of Elements

Life Processes

Control and Coordination

How do Organisms Reproduce ?

Heredity and Evolution

Light - Reflection and Refraction

Human Eye and Colourful World


Magnetic Effects of Electric Current

Sources of Energy

Our Environment

Management of Natural Resources

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