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Class 9, Social Civics / Political Science - democratic politics I

Updated: According to the latest CBSE Curriculum for the current Academic Year 

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(You will find few chapters which were in the previous curriculum are also in the Table. In stead of deleting right away, we have marked such chapters as 'Obsolete' beside Chapter's name. You won't have to read chapters marked (Obsolete) as they are not included in the course this year.
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CBSE Curriculum for Class IX-X (2019-20) Social Science
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NCERT Social Civics Textbook Chapters
NCERT Solutions of Chapter Exercise Questions
NCERT Answers of In Text Questions
CBSE Guide (Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions)
Democracy in the Contemporary World (Obsolete)

What is Democracy? Why Democracy?

Constitutional Design

Electoral Politics

Working of Institutions

Democratic Rights

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