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              india and the Contemporary world-I 

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Updated: According to the latest CBSE Curriculum for the current Academic Year. 
(Some chapters which were in the previous curriculum but not in the course now, are also in the Table. In stead of deleting right away, we have marked such chapters as 'Obsolete' beside the name of the chapter. You won't have to read chapters marked (Obsolete). 

To check with the CBSE official notice click on the following link:
CBSE Curriculum for Class IX-X (2019-20) Social Science

9th NCERT History Textbook
India and the Contemporary World I
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The French Revolution

Socialism in Europe and the Russian Revolution

Nazism and the Rise of Hitler

Forest Society and Colonialism

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Pastoralists in the Modern World

Peasants and Farmers (Obsolete)

History and Sport: The Story of Cricket (Obsolete)

Clothing: A Social History (Obsolete)

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