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“Oh my God, exam is knocking the door! Will I remember what I have studied? How to remember, so many chapters? I can’t memorize so many papers … what will happen if, I fail, etc.” 

This is a very common tension among many students. Friends, here we will discuss how to avoid such situations, fear and tension. By following these easy and simple tips you can help your brain remember more and better what you study.

So, here are 5 ways or ‘Brain-friendly’ tips that would help to improve your memory so that you can remember the study lessons easily and properly:

1. Study with intermittent breaks

Take short breaks while studying. Do not study continuously for more than 30 to 45 minutes. Give a break of five to ten minutes in between two sessions. Such short breaks give rest to your brain and help it to memorize what you are studying. This will make it easy for you to understand more and remember better. Do not read any new information during these short breaks. Just relax, walk around or take light stuffs like biscuit etc.

2. Explain to yourself

Explain what you study to yourself. Pretend you are both the student and the teacher. Try to explain the chapter or the topic to yourself. Self-explaining is well proven method which helps one learn and also remember better. Believe guys it will enhance your self-confidence too.

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3. Discuss with a classmate or friend

Discuss tricky chapters, important study topics with one or more willing classmate(s). Holding such discussions with similar minded friends make tricky things simpler and easy-to-remember. This is the most efficient form of revision and checking your memory. This will help both you and your classmate to learn easily and help your mind to accommodate more things in an organized manner.

4. Sleep well

Adequate and sound sleep is very important for a sound mind. Frankly speaking it is essential for good memory. Recent research has shown that lack of sufficient sleep interferes with memory function which causes further tension. So please do not skip sleep; especially during the exam days. It is believed that for a cool and composed brain six to eight hours sleep is needed.

5. Eat healthy diets

Now what has eating got to do with remembering more? Very simple. What we eat affects our over-all performance including memory. Insufficient food and poor nutrition leads to tiredness, memory problems and tension. So make sure your diet include nutrient-rich food items like - whole grains, nuts, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrate and milk in your diet. This will keep your brain healthy and happy. It has been found that many students skip food especially during exam days to save time. This is a completely wrong and self-destructive idea.

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