Viva Questions Answers for Class 12 Physics Practical Exam and Project on Light, Ray Optics and Optical Instruments


Class 12 Physics Practical Examination on Light, Ray Optics and Optical Instruments

Physics Viva question answers for Physics Practical and Project Work [Nos.1-10]

Class 12 Physics Viva Voce Guide

Questions with answers asked in Viva Voce in Class 12 Physics Practical Examinations and Projects important for CBSE Board following NCERT textbooks and other State Board Examinations (Light, Ray Optics and Optical Instruments).

Question.1: Define sign convention.

Question.2: Define a spherical mirror.

Question.3: What is spherical lens?

Question.4: What is ‘Index Error’?  

Question.5: Define spherical aberration.

Question.6: How is spherical aberration is removed?

Question.7: Why is mirror silvered (mercury polished) at the back surface?     

Question.8: What is the principal focus of a lens? 

Question.9: Define ‘Chromatic Aberration’.

Question.10: Do the power of a lens depend upon its aperture?

Question.11: What is angle of deviation?  

Question.12: Tell the factors on which ‘angle of deviation’ depends?

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