CBSE Guess Questions for Chapter 10 Law and Social Justice - Class 8 Civics Social and Political Life III


Class VIII Civics - NCERT Social and Political Life III

Chapter 10, Law and Social Justice

CBSE Guide: Solutions of CBSE Guess additional important questions
Question 1: Why do we need a law on minimum wages?
Solution: A law on minimum wages is necessary in order to ensure that workers are not under paid or are paid fairly.

Question 2: Find out:
a)  What is the minimum wage for a construction worker in your state?
b)  Do you think the minimum wage for a construction worker is adequate, low or high?
c)  Who sets the minimum wages?
·      Above 150 daily.
·      Adequate.
·      Labour ministry of the state.

Question 3: Why do you think enforcement of safety laws is important in any factory?
Solution: The enforcement of safety laws in a factory is important for the safety of the workers and the general public.

Question 4: Can you point to a few other situations where laws (or rules) exist but people do not follow them because of poor enforcement? (For example, over speeding by motorists).
Solution: Yes, they are:
a)  Zebra Crossing only for road crossing.
b)  Not to urinate at public places.
c)  Not to board a running bus.

Question 5: What are the problems in enforcement?
Solution: The problems in enforcement are:
1)       Lack of adequate staff.
2)       Untrained people.
3)       Over crowdedness.

Question 6: Can you suggest some ways in which enforcement can be improved?
Solution: Yes,
·  Deployment of adequate number of enforcement staff.
·  Stringent punishment for the violators.
·  Summary trials.
·  Offence to be made unbailable.

Question 7: A 'clean environment' is a public facility. Can you explain this statement?
Answer: The environment is something which the people over generations will share. The courts also gave a number of judgements upholding the right to a healthy environment as intrinsic to the Fundamental Right to life. It includes the Right to the Enjoyment of pollution-free water and air for full enjoyment of life.

Question 8: Why do we need laws?
Answer: Laws are necessary to protect people from unfair practices. The laws also ensure the safety of the people.

Question 9: Can you think of some other ways in which the environment can be protected?
Answer: In the recent years there has been a consistent increase in awareness of the need for a clean environment. The courts in our country have come out with a number of strong orders on the environmental issues and accordingly steps are also being taken to reduce pollutions. But still many more things have to be done in this direction:
a)   Appropriate measures need to be taken by countries and local authorities of the world to stop the misuse or overuse of resources.
b)   Environmental degradation can be checked by conserving land, air and water resources. For this we have to control the pollutants at the source.
c)   By proper enforcement of laws and norms related to environmental issues such as - use of plastic bags, disposal of all type of wastes, harmful emissions from different industries, etc. People can also help and pressurize Government authorities to create a cleaner environment.

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