NCERT Class 12, Biotechnology and its Applications - CBSE Value Based Sample Questions



BIOTECHNOLOGY and its Applications

(Biology CBSE NCERT Solution - Value Based Questions)

1.       For the effective treatment of a disease, early diagnosis and understanding of pathophysiology is very important. The conventional methods of diagnosis have been replaced by the most advanced molecular diagnosis techniques.
A.  What are the conventional methods of diagnosis? 
Biotechnology and its Applications - CBSE Value Based Sample Questions

B.  What is the main drawback of the conventional method?
C. What are the advanced molecular methods?
D. What is the basis of ELISABETH test?
2.       In nature, during evolution, every organism developed some adaptive structure to protect itself from its pathogen / predators. In majority of eukaryotic cells, there is formation of double stranded RNA, as both the stands of DNA transcribe complementary ds RNA which binds to a specific mRNA, thus preventing the expression of a gene. 
A.  What is the process of gene expression?
B.  What is the source of this complementary ds RNA?
C. What is the application of this process? 
D. How does a nematode Meloidegyne incognita cause damage to tobacco plant?
E.  How the parasite cannot survive and reproduce on the genetically modified tobacco plants?
3.      Now-a-days, the market is full of genetically modified plants such as Bt Cotton, Bt Corn, Rice, Potato, Soya bean, Flavr Savr tomata (having prolonged shelf life).
A.          What does Bt signify in Bt cotton?
B.          How many types are the cry genes? Name the cry genes of Bt cotton.
C.         Cry genes express to form endotoxic cry proteins. Why does not the bacteria itself killed by the cry proteins?
D.         How larvae of certain insects feeding on tender parts of shoots, floral buds, and bolls get killed by taking cry proteins? Explain.
4.       Gene therapy is most recent and advanced therapeutic treatment of defective gene that has been diagnosed in a child/embryo. It involves insertion of normal healthy and functional gene into a person's cells and tissues to treat the disease and at the same time silencing the defective gene of individual. Correction of ADA deficiency is the example of gene therapy.
A.      Expand the term ADA.
B.      What is the role of enzyme in the body?
C.      What is the cause of disorder?
D.      Name the different methods other than gene therapy used to cure the disease.
E.      What is the permanent cure and which are the ideal cells for this treatment?

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