CBSE stops Moderation - No More Extra Marks


In the last week Ministry of HRD organized a meeting which was attended by CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) and all other State School Boards. Some of the major decisions taken in this meeting are as follows -
  • No more extra marks! Moderation, as it was called for the practice of awarding extra marks for tough or out-of-syllabus questions, will end from this year's Class 12 Board Exams. According to the board officials and school principals, the abolition of moderation would lead to a level playing ground.  At present, students from state boards that don't practice moderation find themselves at disadvantage during admission or while meeting the board-score-based eligibility criteria for professional entrance tests.
  • Grace marks to help a student pass will continue but the mark sheet will mention the actual score and the grace marks separately. A CBSE student can hope for a maximum of 3 grace marks to help him/her reach the pass marks of 33 in a paper.
  • Marks for extra-curricular activities will not be considered while grading or ranking the examinees.
  • All boards to follow NCERT (National Council of Education Research and Training) textbooks and curricula for science and mathematics from Class 9 to 12. This will help in preparing students better country wide for national level competitive exams.
  • All State School Boards to gradually adopt the CBSE ratio of objective-type, essay-type and small-answer questions.
  • Hence, from now onwards complaints from students about tough or out-of-syllabus questions in their CBSE or any of the country's 30-odd national and state school 4 board papers will not fetch them any extra marks, beginning from this year's exams.

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