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CBSE NEWS: CBSE may mention caste in Class 10 Certificates

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has now decided to give its students who are in or below Class 10 an option to get their caste mentioned in their Class 10 pass certificates.
In this regard CBSE has already served a notice to the schools and they have extended this option to the students. It is understood that the CBSE circular clearly mentioned that students, if they want, can get their caste mentioned on their Class X pass certificate. Therefore, mentioning caste in the certificate is completely optional for the student and no student / parent would be forced to do it by the school or CBSE itself.
According to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) chairperson Mr. Vineet Joshi, this step has been taken because some schools had requested CBSE to add this column in CBSE registration forms. It has been learnt that some CBSE affiliated schools from Kerala had sent CBSE a representation asking them to introduce this option. Some State Boards mention the caste of students on their pass certificates and so, a lot of institutions ask students from CBSE schools to produce similar certificates, which could be another reason for CBSE being willing to mention caste in class 10 pass certificates.  
However, as the rules vary from state to state so also, CBSE has not made it mandatory. Instead, CBSE has left it to the student to decide whether he or she wants to get his / her caste mentioned on Class 10 pass certificate.

(Posted: 27-Oct-2014)     

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