Viva Voce Examination Guide for Class 12 Biology Practical Experiments and Project Work


Class 12 Biology Viva Voce Examination (Core Experiments)

Biology question-answers for Practical and Project Work [Nos.14-26]

Class 12 Biology questions with answers asked in Viva Voce in School and Board Practical Examinations and Projects important for CBSE Board following NCERT textbooks, other State Board Examinations

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Question.14: Who invented the term 'mitosis'?

Question.15: What are the two events of mitosis?

Question.16: Define the term 'pollution'.

Question.17: What is biochemical oxygen demand (BOD)? What does high BOD indicate?   

Question.18:  What is soil?

Question.19: What do you understand by 'soil texture'?

Question.20: What is meant by soil reaction?  

Question.21: What pH range is the best for plant growth?   

Question.22: How are particle pollutants harmful for plants?

Question.23: Which type of soil has very low water holding capacity?

Question.24: Which type of soil has maximum water holding capacity?

Question.25:  What is 'natality'?

Question.26: What is 'population density'?  

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FreeOnline Guide - Class 12 Biology Viva Voce Questions for Practical ExaminationExperiments and Projects [Nos. 1-13] 

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