Free Online Guide - Class 12 Biology Viva Voce Questions for Practical Examination Experiments and Projects


Class 12 Biology Viva Voce (Core Experiments)
Questions for Practical Examination and Biology Project (1-13)

Biology Questions with Answers asked in Viva Voce in School and Board Practical Examinations and Projects important for CBSE Board following NCERT textbooks, other State Board Examinations

Question.1: What is “litter”? 

Question.2: What is “tectum”?

Question.3: What is a pollen grain?

Question.4: What is the shape of a pollen grain?

Question.5:  What are enzymes?

Question.6: Define population.

Question.7: What is the chemical nature of the two layers of the wall of pollen grain?

Question.8: Define mitosis.

Question.9: Why is mitosis called somatic cell division?

Question.10: What are pollutants?

Question.11: Which kind of soil is best suited for plant growth?

Question.12: What is humus?

Question.13: What determines the pH of a soil? 

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 For more questions (nos.14 - 26) click on the link below: 

Viva Voce Examination Guide for Class 12 Biology Practical Experiments and Project Work (Q 14-26)

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