CBSE 8, Parliament and The Making of Laws - Why Do We Need A Parliament | Solutions of Ncert Civics - Social and Political Life III


Class 8, Civics - Social and Political Life III

Unit 2: Parliament and The Making of Laws

Chapter 3, Why Do We Need a Parliament

Ncert Cbse Solutions of Textbook Chapter Exercise and some In-text important questions

Exercise Question.1: Why do you think the nationalist movement supported the idea that all adults have a right to vote?
Solution: People from various backgrounds joined the struggle for freedom. They were inspired by the ideas of freedom, equality and participation in decision making. Under the colonial rule, the people had to live in fear of the British Government. The British forced people to follow their orders and decisions which were at times very harsh. People were severely punished even if they tried to criticize these decisions. Because of the continuous demand of the Indian National Congress, the Government of India Act 1909, was passed which allowed for some elected representation but still the British Government did not allow for all adults to vote. The bitter experience of colonial rule and struggle for freedom movement left little doubt in the minds of the nationalists that all persons in independent India would be able to participate in decision making.
These are the reasons because of which, I think, the nationalist movement supported the idea that all adults (above 18 years of age) have a right to vote.
Page 33, Question.3: From the list below, identify the work of a State Government and that of a Central Government.
a)    The decision of the Indian Government to maintain peaceful relations with China
b)    The decision of the MP Government to discontinue Board Exams in Class VIII for all schools under this Board.
c)    Introduction of a new train connection between Ajmer and Mysore.
d)    Introduction of a new thousand rupee note.
a. Central Govt.
b. State Govt.
c. Central Govt.
d. Central Govt.
Page 33, Question.5: You have read that most elected members whether the Panchayat, or the Vidhan Sabha or the Parliament are elected for a fixed period of 5 years. Why do we have a system where the representatives are elected for a fixed period not for a life.
Solution: Members are elected for a fixed period so that people can use their preferences again after 5 years to elect their member. This is required for efficient working in a democratic system. Moreover, in democracy people have right to express their choices and elect their leaders which will not be possible unless they are elected for a fixed period.     
Page 38, Question: If you were a Member of Parliament (MP), list two questions that you would like to ask.
Solution: The two questions regarding -
1. How much amount being paid by the government on school nutritional policy like, mid-day meal programme and what percentage of total number of schools are being benefitted out of it.
2. What changes are being made by the government in the current policies for the improvement of female education.     
Page 40, Question: Why do you think there are so few women in Parliament? Give two reasons.
1. Absence of any system for proper representation of women in the parliament such as, reservation of seats for women.
2. Discrimination against women in a male dominated society.
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