Our Pasts II - Class 7 Ncert Cbse History Guide, Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years - CCE type sample questions


Tracing Changes Through A Thousand Years

Class 7 Social (History) - Our Pasts II

  CBSE (CCE type) Sample Questions

Question.1: What does the word ‘Rajputs’ stand for?
Solution: “Rajputs” word has been derived from “Rajputra” means, the son of the ruler.
Between the 8th and the 14th centuries the term was applied more generally to a body of warriors who claimed Kshatriya caste status. The term included not just rulers and chieftains but also soldiers and commanders. They served in the armies of different monarchs all over the sub-continent.

Question.2: What did Amir Khusaru say regarding Sanskrit and Brahmanas?
Solution: Regarding Sanskrit Amir Khusaru said that it was an old language and did not belong to any region or religion.
About Brahmanas his view was that no one except the Brahmanas had the knowledge of Sanskrit.
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