Why Do We Need A Parliament - 8, Social and Political Life III - Ncert Guide - Solutions of CBSE Sample questions


Class 8 Civics, Social and Political Life III

Solutions of CBSE Guess Questions (extra)

Parliament and The Making of Laws - Why Do We Need A Parliament

  Long and Short Questions with their Answers
QUESTION.1: What is the number of members in Lok Sabha?

QUESTION.2: What is the role of Parliament? or What are the powers and functions of the parliament?

QUESTION.3: How does a Government form when not any single party comes in majority?  What is Coalition Government?

QUESTION.4: What do you mean by ‘Question Hour’?

QUESTION.5: What are the key features of the Rajya Sabha (Upper House)? or What are the  functions of the Rajya Sabha? How many members of the Rajya Sabha are  nominated by the President of India? 

QUESTION.6: What are the most important functions of the Lok Sabha (Lower House)? 

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