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Class 10, Social (Political Science)

Chapter 7, Democratic Politics II

Outcomes of Democracy

CBSE Guess Questions - NCERT Solutions - CBSE Guide - Multiple Choice Questions MCQ

Q.1: People complaining about democracy show that:
a. people are aware
b. democracy is useless
c. leaders are inefficient
d. none of these
Q.2: In the context of assessing democracies, which is the odd one out? Democracies need to ensure:
a. free and fair elections
b. dignity of individual
c. majority rule
d. equal treatment before law
Q.3: Democracies have successfully eliminated:
a. conflicts among people
b. economic inequalities
c. idea of political inequality
d. differences of opinion about how marginalized sections are to be treated
Q.4: What is regarded as a ‘definite plus point’ of democratic regimes?
a. rule of majority
b. participative decision making
c. ability to handle social differences, divisions, and conflicts
d. none of these.
Q.5: Which South Asian Country remains least doubtful about the suitability of democracy for its country?
a. Sri Lanka
b. India
c. Pakistan
d. Bangladesh  
Q.6: In which South Asian country is dictatorship preferred over democracy?
a. Bangladesh
b. Pakistan
c. Nepal
d. Sri Lanka
Q.7: A democratic government is a ____________ government.
a. powerful
b. fruitful
c. repressive
d. legitimate
Q.8: On what ground is a dictatorship form of government is better than a democracy?
a. economic growth
b. population control
c. employment generation
d. none of these. 
Q.9: Democracy is based on the ideas of
a. freedom
b. negotiation
c. deliberation
d. both b and c.
Q.10: What is the most basic outcome of democracy?
a. significant decision making
b. powerful repressive governance
c. accountability of the citizens
d. none of these.
Q.11: Democracy is considered a better form of government in comparison to dictatorship because
a. it promotes among citizens
b. it allows room to correct mistakes
c. it improves the quality of decision making
Q.12: Which of the following statements is true about democracy?
a. it is a good form of government due to lesser corruption.
b. it is a good form of government since it ensures higher rate of economic growth.
c. it is a good form of government as it is a rule by majority.
d. it is a good form of government as it respects the freedom and dignity of individuals.
Q.13: Which South Asian country has always had a democratic government since independence?
a. Pakistan
b. Bangladesh
c. Bhutan
d. India 
Q.14: Which country in South Asia never had a democratic government?
a. Bhutan
b. India
c. Sri Lanka
d. Myanmar
Q.15: What are the features common to all countries following politics?
a. it promotes equality to citizens
b. it promotes dignity of an individual
c. both a and b
d. None of these
Q.16: Mention the factor that contributes to the economic development of the country
a. population size
b. global situation
c. economic priorities adopted by the country
d. all of the above
Q.17: A democracy is attentive to the needs of
a. men
b. women
c. all people
d. illiterate people
Q18: Democratic governments do not very often share –
a. aggression to each other
b. information
c. land and other resources
d. all of these 
Q.19: Why is democracy better than any other form of government:
I. It improves the quality of decision making.
II. It allows the citizens to do whatever they like.
a. I is true but II is false.
b. II is true but I is false.
c. Both I and II are true.
d. Both I and II are false. 
Q.20: Which of the following is true with reference to democracy?
A. Democracy allows us to correct mistakes.
B. It can address all the socioeconomic and political problems.
a. A is true but B is false.
b. A is false but B is true.
c. Both A and B re true.
d. Both A is true and B is false. 

Answers: 1-a. 2-c. 3-c. 4-c. 5-d. 6-b. 7-d. 8-a. 9-d. 10-c. 11-d. 12-d. 13-d. 14-a. 15-c. 16-d. 17-c. 18-b. 19-a. 20-b. 

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