Cbse 10th English Communicative Guess Paper for Board Examination (Term 2) | Class 10 NCERT Term 2 Practice Papers 3


CBSE Sample Paper

CBSE Board / Pre-Board Examination  
Class X English Communicative
(CBSE Sample Paper | CBSE Guess Paper | CBSE Practice Paper)

Time: 3 Hours                                                                        M.M.: 80
1. The question paper is divided into four sections –
Section A : Reading – 20 Marks
Section B : Writing – 20 Marks
Section C : Grammar – 20 Marks
Section D : Literature – 20 Marks
2. All questions are compulsory.
3. Marks are indicated against each question.
4. An additional 15 minutes to be allotted to read this question paper. 
(CBSE Sample Paper | NCERT Guess Paper | CBSE Practice Paper)  
Section – A [Reading]
1. Read the following poem carefully and answer the questions that follow:          [1 x 5 = 5]
            Forest Fires  
Someone supported a burning match
       Unheeded by the way;
It caught on fire some underbrush;
       Its used did not stay.
From grass to bush, from bush to tree,
        So stealthily it ran,
That no one ever guessed or knew
        Just where that fire began.
Someone built a campfire
        And failed to put it out
A breeze came and quickened;
        The embers spread about;
And soon the woods were blazing.
        The fire spread and spread;
The trees took long years to grow
        Stand blackened now and dead.
Someone saw a little fire
        As he was passing by.
He did not stop to put it out;
        He did not even try.
He had not started it of course;
He had no time to spare;
That it might start a forest fire
        He did not even care.
(i) Forest fire is caused by __________.
(a) lightening (b) burning match (c) friction (d) heat and temperature
(ii) Someone forgot to extinguish ________
(a) burning match (b) campfire (c) blazing fire (d) embers
(iii) _______ helped the fire to spread
(a) underbrush (b) breeze (d) woods (d) trees
(iv) When someone saw that little fire he ______
(a) did not stop to put it out (b) had no time to put it out
(c) was not bothered (d) all of the above.
(v) Meaning of ‘embers’ in the poem is ________
(a) wood (b) glowing piece of wood (c) fireworks (d) logs.
(Due to shortage of space, Q. Nos. 2-4 containing unknown passages could not be given here.)
(Class 10 CBSE English Sample Paper | Guess Paper | Practice Paper for Board Examination)
Section – B [Writing]
5. Read the following information about Prashant Murthy and write a bio-sketch in about 80 words.   [4]
Name                               :  Prashant Murthy
Age                                  :  34 years
Qualification                    :  Bachelor of Fine Arts from Delhi College of Fine Arts, Masters of Fine Arts from Jamia Milia Ismania, Delhi.
Number of Exhibitions     :  (i) Nitanjali Art Gallery, 2002 (ii) India Habitat Center, 2003-2004
Awards                            :  Golden Artist Award 2005, Tagore Award 2007.
Major Influence               :  M.F. Hussain
6. You are Shefali / Shashwat living ina hostel at Pune. Write a letter to your younger brother Pranjal advising him to behave in a disciplined manner and to follow the orders of his teachers during his trip to Jaipur with his class in about 150 words.      [8]
7. You are Manish / Manisha. You happened to see the following lines in a newspaper. You decide to write an article titled “Save the Planet earth” for your school magazine. Using ideas from the unit ‘Environment’ and your own ideas, write this article in about 180 words.      [8]
“We all mourn and groan about the loss of the quality of life through the destruction of our ecology, and yet each one of us, in our comfortable little ways, contributes daily to that destruction. It is time now to awaken in each one of the respect and attention our beloved mother deserves”, says Ed Asner, an environmental supporter.”   
(CBSE Sample Paper | Guess Paper | Model Questions: Board Examination | Summative Assessment | Term 2)
Section – C [Grammar]
8. Choose the most appropriate word from the options given in the brackets to complete the following passage:                         
         [1/2 x 8 = 4]
In a discovery (a) _____ [that, who, they, then] may prove alien world (b) _____ [is, are, has, have] not only science fiction, a Canadian Scientist (c) _______ [has, have, had, will have] claimed (d) ________ [to have, had, will have, have] found evidence of new stars and solar system outside (e) _________ [a, an, the, some] Milky Way. Erin Mentuch (f) ______ [in, from, with, by] the University of Toronto (g) _________ [who, which, that, some] analyzed 88 remote galaxies (h) ______ [using, use, usage, used] their light output data from the Gemini Deep Survey, discovered alien worlds beyond our own galaxy for the first time.
9. Complete the headlines by choosing the most appropriate answer fro the options given below:                             [4]
(a) Largest web-weaving spider discovered
Scientists from US ________ the largest web-weaving spider in South Africa. 
(i) has been discovered (ii) have discovered (iii) had discovered (iv) discovered
(b) NASA rolls out new moon Rocket
According to a report, a new moon rocket __________ by NASA last week.
(i) has been rolled out (ii) has rolled out (iii) was rolled out (iv) had been rolled out
(c) 500 years old statues found in Peru
     Peruvian Archaeologists _________ 12 wooden statues more than 500 years old in the archaeological complex of Chan Chan in Peru.
(i) have found (ii) have been found (iii) were found (iv) finds
(d) New Method developed to keep fruits fresh
A new method of keeping fruits fresh ______ by the scientists in Japan.
(i) has been developed (ii) was developed (iii) is developed (iv) will be developed
10. Look at the notes given below and complete the paragraph that follows. Do not add any information.      [4]
Russian Scientist – evacuate – research station – built – ice floe – drift – western – Arctic ocean – global warming – melt – ice early – force – left – ahead of schedule
According to newspaper reports, Russian scientists (a) _________ a research station. The research station (b) ________ on an ice floe drifting in the western Arctic Ocean. Global warming is (c) _________ the scientists to (d) ________ ahead of schedule, because of early melting of ice.
11. Below read a conversation between Mohan and Sohan. Complete the following reporting what they discussed.  [4]
Mohan    :     I fired a rocket yesterday which directly struck the moon.
Sohan     :     What happened then?
Mohan    :     I was beaten black and blue.
Sohan     :     Why?
Mohan    :     Because the moon belonged to my grandfather.
Mohan told Sohan that ________ which had directly struck the moon. Sohan asked him _________. Mohan told him that ____________ blue. When Sohan asked him the reason, he replied ___________ grandfather.
12. Below you can see a set of instructions for borrowing a book from the library. Imagine that you have completed this procedure. Complete the following paragraph.
(i) Take your library card and select the book you want from the library shelf.  (ii) Give the book with the card to the clerk at the counter.  (iii) Get the book issued. (iv) Show it to the checker sitting at the gate while coming out of the library.
A library card was taken and __________________. from the library shelf. Then ________________ to the clerk at the counter and _________________. While coming out of the library _____________ sitting at the gate.
(CBSE English Communicative Sample Paper | Guess Paper | Practice Questions Paper)
Section – D [Literature]
13. Read the extracts carefully and answer the questions that follow: (Any two)     [3 x 2 = 6]
(A) “We stayed there all day waiting for her. I do not know what day it was, there was no school, no church any more in our village.”
(i) Who are ‘we’ ij these lines?
(a) school children (b) the narrator and her brothers (c) children in Sunday School (d) None of these.
(ii) For whom were they waiting?
(a) for their grandmother (b) for their elder sister (c) for their mother (d) for their father
(iii) What happened to the churches and schools in their village?
(a) their construction was incomplete (b) they were demolished by bandits (c) they were never there (d) none of these.
(Due to shortage of space, Q. Nos. B and C could not be given here.)
14. Answer any four of the following in about 30 – 40 words each.    [2 x 4 = 8]
(i) Why does the narrator has a desire to return to Mozambique from the refugee camp?
(ii) How did the creatures of the bog react to the splendid baritone of the frog?
(iii) What do the words ‘cracked and growled, and roared and howled’ convey in the poem ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’?
(iv) What is your opinion about the Roman mob?
(v) How does the mirror swallow images?
15. Answer any one of the following in about 130 – 140 words.     [6]
Imagine you are the grandmother in ‘Ultimate Safari’. You have struggled hard to save your family. Everyone considers you very strong and depends on you. But you are emotionally disturbed. Write a page of diary expressing your inner feelings and effort you have to make to put up a brave front.
Imagine you are Miriam. You have learnt how miserable your father is through a villager. You decide to write a letter to your father at once. Write a letter expressing your love and grief.

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