India and the Contemporary World-II, Chapter 5, The Age of Industrialisation | Class 10 CBSE (NCERT) Social Science History | CCE type sample questions


Class X, CBSE Board NCERT History (Social Science)
India and the Contemporary World-II (The Age of Industrialisation)
Additional Important Questions (CCE pattern)
Q.1: Which raw material played an important role in the process of industrialization? Or,
       How did cotton play an important role in the process of industrialization? Or,
       Do you think cotton had an important role during the industrial development? Explain with reasons.
Q.2: Which inventions do you think increased the speed of production during industrialization?
Q.3: Give two examples where modern development has led not to progress but to problems. You may like to think of areas related to environmental issues, nuclear weapons or diseases.
Q.4: Which city of England became the “finishing center” ?
Q.5: Why did merchants choose countryside for production of clothes rather than town?
Q.6: In the mid-19th century Britain, “handmade products were produced more than the machine products.” Why?  
Q.7: Who in Britain preferred handmade products and why?
Q.8: What were the dynamic industries in England at the time of Industrialization?
Q.9: Name some inventions that helped the growth of textile industry.
Q.10: Answer the following questions -
(a) What are the reasons that led to the clashes between the weavers and gomasthas?
(b) Do you think that industrialization mean only the growth of factory industries? Or,
     Do you agree with the statement that Industrialization did not mean the growth of only factory industries? Give         
     reasons in support of your answer.
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