Forest and Wildlife Resources, CBSE 10th Class, Geography NCERT Social Science - Contemporary India II | Chapter 2, Sample Questions Answers


CBSE Class 10 NCERT Social Science Geography
Contemporary India II
Chapter 2, Forest and Wildlife Resources
Additional Important Questions based on CCE pattern   
Q.1: What are the negative factors that cause such fearful depletion of flora and fauna?  
Q.2: Define: (a) Biosphere (b) Biodiversity
Q.3: Cite some Human Projects responsible for destruction of flora and fauna.
Q.4: Name two Bird Sanctuaries in India.
Q.5: How many species of flora and fauna are found in India?
Q.6: How much of India’s wild flora and mammals are on the threatened list?
Q.7: Write a short note on “Project Tiger”.  
Q.8: Why do we need to conserve our forests and wild life resources? Explain any three reasons.
Q.9: Explain the importance of flora and fauna in our daily life.
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Contemporary India II, Forest and Wildlife Resources | Class 10 NCERT (CBSE) Social Science Geography | Chapter 2, Textbook Exercise Solutions  [Read]     

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