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CBSE Guide NCERT Solution | Cbse Ncert Solutions - additional questions   

Chapter 2, Forest and Wildlife Resources

(Contemporary India II)

Question.1: What are the negative factors that cause such fearful depletion of flora and fauna?  

Answer: The negative factors that cause such fearful depletion of flora and fauna are as under:

1. Conversion of forests into agricultural land.

2. Expansion of railways for which huge number of trees were cut to cater wooden sleepers for the tracks.

3. Mining activities.

4. Large-scale developmental projects such as river - valley projects, housing etc.

5. Grazing of pastoral animals.

6. Commercial and scientific forestry.

7. Increasing human intervention due to growing population.

8. Environmental pollution due to growing population which destroy the habitat for flora and fauna.

Question.2: Define: (a) Biosphere (b) Biodiversity


(a) Biosphere is a narrow belt of living organisms where lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere interact with each other e.g. Nokrek Biosphere Reserve of Meghalaya.

(b) Biodiversity or Biological Diversity is immensely in wildlife and cultivated species, diverse in form and function but closely integrated in a system through their inter-dependencies. 

Question.3: Cite some Human Projects responsible for destruction of flora and fauna.

Answer: (a) Big housing projects of several private builders. (b) River valley projects like - Tehri Dam, Narmada Project. (c) Mining projects like - Dolomite mining in Buxa in West Bengal

Question.4: Name two Bird Sanctuaries in India.

Answer: Bhatratpur in Rajasthan and Vedanthangal in Tamil Nadu.

Question.5: How many species of flora and fauna are found in India?

Answer: India possesses 81000 species of fauna and 47000 species of flora.

Question.6: How much of India’s wild flora and mammals are on the threatened list?

Answer: 10% of India’s wild flora and 20% of its mammals are on the threatened list 

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Question.7: Write a short note on “Project Tiger”.  

Answer: The Project Tiger is one of the well-publicized wildlife campaigns in the world which was started in 1973. The aim of this project was to conserve the tiger population.

Tiger is one of the key wildlife endangered species. In 1973 the authorities realised that the tiger population had come down substantially. The major threats to tiger population are -

=> Poaching for trade

=> Shrinking habitat

=> Growing human population

=> Depletion of prey species.

Indian and Nepal provide habitat to about two-thirds of the surviving tiger population of the world. Tiger reserves in India are -

=> Corbett National Park (Uttaranchal)

=> Sunderbans National Park (WB)

=> Manas Tiger Reserve (Assam)

=> Periyar Tiger Reserve (Kerala)

=> Bandhavgarh National Park (MP)

=> Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary (Rajasthan)      

Question.8: Why do we need to conserve our forests and wild life resources ? Explain any three reasons.

Answer: There has been a rapid decline in forests and wild life population especially during the last century. Conservation of forests and wild life resources are necessary because of numerous reasons. The three most important reasons are explained below:

1. Conservation maintains the ecological balance - Forests play a significant role in balancing the ecological system since they are the primary producers on which all other living beings depend. Depletion of forests accelerates soil erosion, affects flow of ground water, causes floods, and disappearance of wildlife etc.

2. They provide economic benefits - Animals provide us valuable food products like - milk, egg, and raw materials such as wool, hides and skins. Forest products provide livelihood for many communities, also fuel and medicinal sources. Plants re-create the air we breathe.

3. Conservation is needed to protect wildlife as it is threatened by human intervention - Human beings depend on biodiversity for their very survival. Diverse activities due to growing human population have continuously eroded the wildlife habitat.     

Question.9: Explain the importance of flora and fauna in our daily life.

Answer: Flora and fauna an important role in our daily life because they purify the air we breathe, the water we drink, and enriches the soil that supports our agriculture without which we cannot survive.   

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