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Class X NCERT CBSE Social Science (History) Solutions
Chapter 7, India and the Contemporary World-II
Print Culture and the Modern World
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Question.1: How were Chinese books made in ancient days?
Question.2: In imperial China, what was the main purpose of printing of books?
Question.3: What is the name of the first autobiography wrote in an Indian language? Who was the author?
Question.4: Who was Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain?
Question.5: When and where did the first printing press come in India?
Question.6: Who started to print News Paper for the time in India? What was the name of the first News Paper published by an Indian?
Question.7: Explain giving three points how did the print culture develop in India?
Question.8: What was the “Vernacular Press Act”? When and why it was enacted?
Question.9: What was the outcome of the Vernacular Press Act in India?
NCERT CBSE Solutions - Social Science (History)
Class 10, Print Culture and the Modern World | CBSE (CCE) Solutions | NCERT Social Science History | Chapter 7, India and The Contemporary World - II (Textbook Exercise Question Answers) [Read]

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