FLAMINGO - CBSE Class 12, NCERT Solutions and Guide for English Core Textbook


Class XII, Flamingo CBSE based NCERT Textbook (English Core)

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NCERT Answers Textbook Exercise
Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions


The Last Lesson –Alphonse Daudet

Lost Spring –
Anees Jung

Deep Water –
William Dauglas

The Rattrap–
Selma Lagerlof

Louis Fischer

Poets and Pancakes–

The Interview: 

Part I - Christopher Silvestor

Part II - An interview with Umberto Eco

Going Places –
A. R. Barton


My mother At Sixty-six  –
Kamala Das

An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum –
Stephen Spender

Keeping Quiet –
Pablo Neruda

A Thing of Beauty –
John Keats

A Roadside Stand –
Robert Stand

Aunt Jennifer’s Tigers  –
Adrienne Rich

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