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The Last Lesson by Alphonse Daudet

Class 12 NCERT English Core (Flamingo) 

Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions (Answers) for Chapter THE LAST LESSON

Short Answer CBSE Questions (30-40 words) :
Question: Describe the background in which "The Last Lesson" of Alphonse Daudet has been set.

Question: Why did Franz think of running away and spending the day out of doors?

Question: "We've all a great deal to reproach ourselves with." Why did M. Hamel blame the parents and himself too for not showing due attention and care to the learning of French?

Question: How did M. Hamel give the shocking news to the students and the villagers and with what effect?

Question: Why had M. Hamel put on his fine Sunday clothes? Why were the old men of the village sitting at the back of the classroom?

Question: What does M. Hamel say about French language? What did he urge upon his students and villagers to do?

Question: Justify the title of "The Last Lesson".

Question: What was the parting message of M. Hamel to his students and the village elders who had gathered in the classroom?

Long Answer CBSE Questions (125-150 words) :
Question: Draw a character sketch of M. Hamel as it is shown in "The Last Lesson".

Question: What is "linguistic chauvinism"? Analyse the order from Berlin in this light. How do you justify M. Hamel's views about French and the new-found love of the people towards their language?

Question: Who was Franz? What did he think of M. Hamel? Did he change his views about M. Hamel? Illustrate at least two changes that came in Franz towards his teacher, his school, and French.

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