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CBSE Class X, Social Science (Political Science)

Chapter 7 Democratic Politics II

Outcomes of Democracy

Multiple Choice Questions MCQ

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Q: People complaining about democracy show that:
a. people are aware
b. democracy is useless
c. leaders are inefficient
d. none of these
Q: In the context of assessing democracies, which is the odd one out? Democracies need to ensure:
a. free and fair elections
b. dignity of individual
c. majority rule
d. equal treatment before law
Q: Democracies have successfully eliminated:
a. conflicts among people
b. economic inequalities
c. idea of political inequality
d. differences of opinion about how marginalized sections are to be treated
Q: What is regarded as a ‘definite plus point’ of democratic regimes?
a. rule of majority
b. participative decision making
c. ability to handle social differences, divisions, and conflicts
d. none of these.
Q: Which South Asian Country remains least doubtful about the suitability of democracy for its country?
a. Sri Lanka
b. India
c. Pakistan
d. Bangladesh  
Q: In which South Asian country is dictatorship preferred over democracy?
a. Bangladesh
b. Pakistan
c. Nepal
d. Sri Lanka
Q: A democratic government is a ____________ government.
a. powerful
b. fruitful
c. repressive
d. legitimate

Q: Democratic governments do not very often share –
a. aggression to each other
b. information
c. land and other resources
d. all of these 
Q: Why is democracy better than any other form of government:
I. It improves the quality of decision making.
II. It allows the citizens to do whatever they like.
a. I is true but II is false.
b. II is true but I is false.
c. Both I and II are true.
d. Both I and II are false. 

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