CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQ on Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants



Class XII NCERT Biology Value Based Questions (VBQs)

Question 1. Margaret, the biology teacher of class 12, was teaching the students about the intimate relationship of human beings with flowers since time immemorial, telling flowers as object of ornamental, social, and cultural values, etc.
A.  Name any two flowers of ornamental value cultivated in home garden.
B.  Name any two flowers used in social and cultural celebrations.
C. Name the branch concerned with cultivation of flowering plants.
CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQ on Sexual Reproduction In Flowering Plants

Question 2. In a group discussion in a biological lab 3 students were discussing the process of formation of seeds in the flowering plants. One of them said, pollination is the main step in the formation of seed. The second student asked, "Does pollination also occur in rose"? The Third student said, "Do these plans have special adaptations suited to their pollination type?"
A.  What is pollination? Name the different types of pollination.
B.  What are the characteristics of flowers such as grasses adapted to pollination by air?
C. Rose is a plant pollinated by insects.  What are the characteristics of plants pollination by air?
Question 3. A fruit seller was selling large, fresh and juicy kinnows. He told Aryan that kinnows are closely related to oranges. He could not understand how the tightly skinned kinnows are related to loosely skinned oranges. Next day Aryan enquired, from his biology teacher -
A.  What is artificial hybridization?
B.  What are the different steps involved in artificial hybridization?
C. What are the objects of this technique?
Question 4. A biology teacher was telling students about the different types of fruits produced in flowering plants. He told the fruits may be true or false like human beings.
A.    What are true fruits? Give an example.
B.    What are false fruits? Give an example.
C.    Why banana does not possess seeds like other fruits?

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