Reproduction In Organisms: CBSE Class 12 Biology Value Based Questions



Biology Value Based Questions: VBQs for CBSE Class 12 NCERT Biology (Zoology)

Question 1. On biological excursion, Ramesh asked his teacher that in nature, we find some organisms live for few weeks to few months whereas the other live for many years as long as few even a thousand years.
A.  What is the term used for the certain period of time an organism lives?
B.  Is there any correlation between the time-periods an organism lives?
C. Why a rice plant lives for 3-4 months, while a banyan tree lives for 300-500 years? 
Reproduction In Organisms: CBSE Class 12 Biology VBQ

Question 2. One day Tanya noticed that in her home loan the gardener was planting the pieces of Bryophylum for production of new plants. The other day the gardener was putting the seeds of Viola (Pansy) in the soil.
A.  Name the type of reproduction, used in the first instance.
B.  Is this reproduction can be considered as a type of asexual reproduction? Is the term clone applicable to the offspring?
C. Name the type of process by which seeds are produced. Is the term clone is also applicable to the offspring produced from the seeds?
Question 3. Rajesh observed some changes in external features of his son Raman such as in his behaviour, development of stout lengthy body, appearance of moustaches, beard etc. whereas his daughter Rita did not have these changes.
A.  What is this stage of growth and maturity called?
B.  What does the end of this phase indicate?
C. What factors regulate this process of transition from childhoods to the maturity?
Question 4. Karan was very astonished to observe small fish-like tadpoles of the frog swimming in the pond; young checks hatching out of the eggs and the female frog giving birth to 4-5 puppies.
A.  Name the process & the product, formed by the fusion of male and female gametes.
B.  Name the term for animals which lay eggs. What is the special feature of the eggs? Are the eggs in fertilized or unfertilized state?
C. Name the group of animals which lay eggs. What is the special feature of the eggs? What is the source of nutrition for the developing embryo? 
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