CBSE Guess and Guide for Lesson 1, Class 9 English Main Course Book - Dead Men's Path


Class IX English Main Course Book
Unit 1: PEOPLE (A. Dead Men’s Path)

CBSE Guess Questions and Answers - CBSE Guide

Very Short Answer Type CBSE Guess Questions

Question: Where was Obi sent as headmaster?
Answer: Obi was sent on promotion as headmaster of Ndume Central School in January 1949.

Question: How long had Obi and Nancy been married?
Answer: Obi and Nancy had been married for two years only.

Question: What did Nancy plan to do at Ndume School?
Answer: Nancy planned to have beautiful gardens around the school.

Question: Why was Nancy downcast?
Answer: Nancy was downcast to think that there won’t be any wives of the teachers to envy her.

Question: Who pleaded with Obi not to close the ancient path through the school compound?
Answer: The village priest of Ani pleaded with Obi to allow the villagers to use the path across the school compound.

Question: What infuriated the villagers against Obi and the school?
Answer: The villagers were furious because they blamed Obi and the school for the death of a young woman in childbirth.

Question: What did the School Inspector report against Obi?
Answer: The School Inspector reported that the misguided zeal of the new headmaster was responsible for the clash between the school and the villagers.

Short Answer Type CBSE Guess Questions

Question: What made Michael Obi happy when he heard the news of his promotion?
Answer: Michael Obi was a conscientious, competent and ambitious teacher. He felt glad at his promotion as the new headmaster of Ndume Central School. He thought that he would do his best to make it a modern school.

Question: What was Nancy’s reaction on hearing the news of her husband’s new place of posting?
Answer: Nancy shared the excitement and plan of her husband when she got the news of promotion and the new place of posting. She planned to have beautiful gardens in the school compound. She also hoped to be envied by the wives of other teachers.

Question: Obi had two aims at Ndume School. What were they?
Answer: Obi’s first aim was to insist upon a high standard of teaching at Ndume Central School so that it became a progressive and model school. His second aim was to turn the school compound into a place of beauty.

Question: What steps did Obi take to prevent the use of the ancient path and why?
Answer: Obi believed in enforcing strict discipline. He did not approve of the use of school compound as a thoroughfare. So, he got heavy sticks planted across the path at the two places of entry and exit.

Question: Which incident led to the demolition of the school building?
Answer: Obi closed the ancestral path used by the villagers. This path passed through the school compound. The death of a young woman in childbirth roused the anger of the villagers. They put the blame on Obi. They destroyed the flower beds and also the school building.

Question: What is the moral of the story ‘Dead Men’s Path’?
Answer: The lesson one can learn from the story is that it is not easy to make the superstitious and ignorant people see reason. No honest and sensible person can have his way in a backward society or community.

Question: Give one word substitution for which has the same meaning as each word or phrase shown below:
(a) Leave for heaven.
(b) Object or aim.
(c) Absurd, strange.
(d) Set.
(e) Public, path.
(f) Rules.
(g) Forefathers.
(h) Laid down, suggested.

Answer (a): Depart.    Answer (b): Purpose.    Answer (c): Fantastic.    Answer (d): Perch.    Answer (e): Thoroughfare.    Answer (f): Regulations.    Answer (g): Ancestors.    Answer (h). Prescribed.

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