Class 11 Hornbill, The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan | Ncert Cbse Guess with Answers


The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan

Hornbill - Class 11 English Ncert Cbse Guess Questions with Answers

Question 1: Who is Frank?  Do you think Frank already knew Taplow ?

Question 2: What is 'remove' ? Why is Taplow worried about his 'remove' ?

Question 3: "You know what he's like, sir" says Taplow. What leads him to say this ? What light does this throw on the man talked about ?

Question 4: What leads Frank to comment, I'm sure you are exaggerating ?

Question 5: How do Frank and Taplow react on the arrival of Millie Crocker-Harris?

Question 6: Why is Taplow given extra work on the last day of school ?

Question 7: Does Taplow like the subject Mr. Harris teaches ? Why so ?

Question 8: Why does Frank envy Mr. Crocker-Harris?

Question 9: "Still there is one comfort" says Frank. What does he mean ?

Question 10: Taplow says that Mr.Crocker-Harris is not a sadist but he is hardly human.  What does he mean by that, elaborate.

Question 11: What suggestion of Frank shocked Taplow and why ?

Question 12: Cite an instance in the text showing that Frank relishes (enjoys) Mr. Harris being criticised by Taplow.

Question 13: What is funny about Taplow's attitude towards Mr.Crocker-Harris ?

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