Democracy and Diversity - Class 10 CBSE Political Science - NCERT Answers of Democratic Politics II Chapter 3, Intext Questions


Class 10, CBSE Political Science (Democratic Politics II)

Chapter 3, Democracy and Diversity

NCERT Solutions of Democracy and Diversity, chapter Intext Questions

NCERT Answers of Chapter exercise questions, CBSE Guide

Democracy and Diversity Page No 35 In-text Question

Question: Do you think the Bulgarian government should try to ensure that the Roma people dress and behave like other people from Bulgaria?
Answer:  In democracy, every people has the freedom of dress and behaviour of his/her choice if not harm others. No one can compel a particular community to dress other than their own identified dress. Because in democracy, identity of everybody is protected. So, the Bulgarian government should not try to ensure that the Roma people dress and behave like other people from Bulgaria.

Democracy and Diversity Page No 37 In-text Question

Question: Can you think of some examples of social division or discrimination in the field of sports?
i. In cricket, few decades ago, the Blacks were banned from becoming captain of the South-African team.
ii. Even today games like Polo and Golf are beyond the reach of the poor’s.

Question: So, you are saying that too many small divisions are better than a single big division? Are you also saying that politics is a force of unity?
i. Existence of social divisions reflects the multi-cultural facet of the society. Divisions, whether big or small, can be bad or good depends on various factors such as how do they identify themselves, how their demands raised and what are the reaction of the rulers.
ii. Not exactly, but yes politics has the force to unite the country. It depends how do the political leaders from different communities think and how much flexible they are.

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