Class 9, NCERT English Guide - The Man Who Knew Too Much - Extra CBSE Questions


Class 9, NCERT English Literature Reader

9th CBSE English Communicative 

The Man Who Knew Too Much 

CBSE English Guide with solutions of CBSE Guess extra questions

Very Short Answer CBSE Guess Questions
Question.1: “The muzzle velocity or speed at which the bullet leaves the rifle” he told us, “is well over two thousand feet per second”.
(a) Who and when did he say these words?
(b) The Sergeant was ‘as dark and sun-dried as raisin’s. What literary device has been used here?
(c) The Sergeant was wearing North-West Frontier ribbons. What did this indicate? 
Question.2: In pursuit of his ambition the Professor worked hard. We had to give him credit for that. He borrowed training manuals and stayed up late at nights reading them.
(a) What was the Professor’s ambition?
(b) How did he want to achieve his ambition?
Qusetion.3: When somebody made a mistake, how did the Professor correct him?
Question.4: Why did the Orderly Officer praise the Professor and what did the others do when the Orderly Professor praised the Professor?
Question.5: In the absence that followed a dark flush stained the tan of Corporals’s face. “Here”, he said at last, “You give this lecture” and tossed the grenade to the Professor.
(a) Why did the Corporal frown?
(b) Here why did the Corporal ask the Professor to give the lecture?
(c) How was the Professor’s lecture?
Short Answer CBSE Guess Questions
Question.6: What did Private Quelch do to achieve his ambition?
Question.7: How did Quelch surprised his colleagues by identifying an aircraft?
Question.8: How did Private Quelch's encounter with Corporal Turnbull prove to be a turning point in his life?
Question.9: Why did a Private Quelch's colleagues begin to dislike him?
Question.10: How did Quelch take his cookhouse duties?
Long Answer CBSE Questions
Question.11: Describe how Private Quelch's encounter with the Sergeant enhanced the former's glory?
Question.12: Describe how Private Quelch was assigned to cookhouse duties.

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