Class IX NCERT (CBSE) - Interact in English Literature Reader (Communicative)

           Class 9, English Literature Reader (Communicative)

                                     (As per the New CCE questions pattern)

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English Literature Reader Textbook Chapter Names
NCERT Answers of Textbook Exercise
Solutions of CBSE Sample Questions
How I Taught My Grandmother to Read
A Dog Named Duke

The Man Who Knew Too Much
Keeping It From Harold
Best Seller

The Brook

The Road Not Taken

The Solitary Reaper
Lord Ullin’s Daughter
SQs [Read]
The Seven Ages
MCQs [Read]
SQs [Read]
Oh, I Wish I’d Looked After Me Teeth

Song of The Rain

Villa for Sale

The Bishop’s Candlesticks


@M@N said...


Unknown said...

Plzzzzz add- Song of the rain answers

purnima pandey said...

please add -''BEST SELLER''answers

vatsal sethi said...

it is so lengthy

aayush said...

very good it is a good place for study

ZOEY757 said...

can sm1 post q/a for all chaptrs

md.kaish ansari said...

Where r the answers of best seller

Ishita Dhamija said...

very nice answers but please upload other chapters answer also..

Mohammed Zain said...


amirah faiz said...

plzzzzz post the questions of the man who knew too much

naina said...

plzzz add the man who knew too much answers

naina said...

plzz add the man who knew too much answers

plz,,,,,,,,, add a man who knews too much answers,,,,,,,

Considering your requirements / feedback, we have published NCERT answers for The Man Who Knew Too Much chapter exrcise questions now. Very soon we will give you here CBSE sample questions on this chapter with their solutions.

Manasvi Sanjay said...

please add answers of other chapters too

Roselle Vas said...

if you can pls upload extra q/a also but seriously i appreciate this site!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amirah faiz said...

plz post the questions of the best seller

Sachin S said...

no answers for main chapters

Pls add "The Brook" Answers

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Unknown said...

I need the pendulum in English literature

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