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Class 11 NCERT (CBSE) English Core Course


The Portrait Of A Lady by Khushwant Singh

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Short Answer Sample Questions
Question.1: What does Khushwant Singh describe in ‘The Portrait Of A Lady’ ?
Question.2: How could the grandmother be ‘beautiful’ without being pretty ?
Question.3: What was the turning point of their friendship ?
Question.4: What opinion did the grandmother form of the English school in the city ?
Question.5: How were the grandmother and the narrator good and intimate friends in the village ?
Question.6: Why did the grandmother hate music ?
Question.7: How did the sparrows mourn the death of grandmother ?  
Question.8: How did the grandmother celebrate the homecoming of her grandson ?
Question.9: Why did the grandmother stop talking before her death ?

Long Answer Questions
Question.1: Describe in brief the pen picture of the narrator’s grandmother highlighting her noble qualities.
Question.2: Describe the intimate relationship of grandmother with the sparrows. How did the sparrows mourn her death ?
Question.3: Describe the friendship between Khushwant Singh and his grandmother.
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  1. Q.1: What does Khushwant Singh describe in ‘The Portrait Of A Lady’? (I just came up with two points for this answer- His relatinship with his grandmother. The changes that occur in their relationship.)
    Q.2: How could the grandmother be ‘beautiful’ without being pretty ?

    -I was unable to answer these 2 questions. Could you please publish the answers?

    And the questions were a great help. Thankyou!

  2. discuss the relevance of the title "the portrait of a lady'

  3. Mariyam, a good question. I guess this question will be added in either of our above two posts soon. Thanks for writing.