The Indian Constitution, Class VIII Ncert Cbse Guide for Civics (Social) | Chapter 1, Social and Political Life III - Extra Study Materials


CBSE Guess and Guide for Class 8, NCERT Social (Civics)

Social and Political Life III


Short Answer CBSE Questions

Q.1: When did the Constituent Assembly draft the Constitution for Independent India?  
Q.2: Why do the people of Nepal want a new Constitution?
Q.3: What do you mean by the term ‘State’?
Q.4: What is Directive Principle of State Policy?

Long Answer CBSE Questions
Q.1: Discuss the important function the constitution plays in democracy?
Q.2: What is a Constitution? Write down some of the key features of the Indian Constitution and their significance. Or,
Explain the following terms in brief:
(a) Federalism
(b) Parliamentary form of Government
(c) Separation of Powers
(d) Fundamental Rights
(e) Secularism

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