CBSE Guess Paper (3) for Formative Assessment – III (F 3) Class 10 Social Science | Class X NCERT Social Science Sample Paper for F III


CBSE NCERT Class 10 Social Science
(Sample Questions Paper / Guess Paper - 1)
Formative Assessment - III (FA-3) (as per CCE pattern)

Time: 1 ½ Hours           
M.M.: 40
1. Attempt all questions of each group.
2. Answer of questions carrying 02 marks should be in one sentence or have only one correct option.
3. Answer of questions carrying 03 marks should be in 40 words.
4. Answer of questions carrying 04 marks should be in 60 to 80 words.
Group – A
Pick the correct answer:                                                                       [2 x 5 = 10]
1. Napoleon lost the battle of Waterloo in
(i) 1810   (ii) 1813   (iii) 1815   (iv) 1820.
2. Mahatma Gandhi started Salt Movement in
(i) 1916   (ii) 1920  (iii) 1927   (iv) 1930
3. The Consumer Protection Act was enacted in the year
(i) 1966   (ii) 1976   (iii) 1986    (iv) 2006
4. Which of the following is recognized as a State Party
(i) Congress-I   (ii) Biju Janta Dal   (iii) CPI
5. Mahatma Gandhi’s famous book “Hind Swaraj” was published in the year
(i) 1869   (ii) 1909   (iii) 1914    (iv) 1919.
6. What is meant by the idea of Satyagraha? Why was it adopted as a mode of struggle?           [3]
7. Nehru is talking in his speech in 1929 at Lahore Session of Congress about “Great Man”. Who is that Great Man?                                                                   [2]
8. Name the Movement launched by Mahatma Gandhi after the declaration of Purna Swaraj? What was its main object ?                                                             [4]
Group – B
9. Name a non-metal which is used in cement industry?                              [2]
10. “Non-Conventional sources of energy constitute bright future in India”. Comment.  [4]
11. Explain the term Agro-based Industries. Give examples.                       [4]
     Group – C
12. Why are demand deposits considered as money?                         [1]
13. What is the rational behind the enactment of Consumer Protection Act, 1986?   [3]
14. “The impact of globalization has not been uniform”. Explain this statement.   [4]
15. “Decision making in a democracy is a slow process”. Comment.              [3] 

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  1. Aparna: Thanks for writing. Here is the answer of 12th question.

    The deposits in the bank account which can be withdrawn on demand are known as 'Demand Deposits'. Since demand deposits are accepted widely as a means of payment along with currency, they are also considered as money in the modern economy.

  2. pls provide an answer key so that we can get to know about how much we have learned

  3. pls provide an answer key so that i can know how much have i learned

  4. Can we get Class 9th FA3 paper also

  5. Agro based industries are industries which provide and manufacture for development of agricultural sector in a country.for eg fertilizers and machinery to advance agriculture.

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