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CBSE Class IX Ncert English (Communicative) Course
Lord Ullin’s Daughter by Thomas Campbell
Interact in English Literature Reader (Poetry) - NCERT Textbook Exercise Solutions
Q.5: On the basis of your understanding of the poem, answer the following questions by ticking the correct choice:
(a) Lord Ullin’s daughter and her lover are trying to _______
(i) escape the wrath of her father.
(ii) settle in a distant land.
(iii) challenge the storm in the lake.
(iv) trying to prove their love for each other.
(b) The boatman agrees to ferry them across because _______
(i) he has fallen in love with Lord Ullin’s daughter.
(ii) he wants to avenge Lord Ullin.
(iii) he has lost his love.
(iv) he is sorry for the childlike innocence of the lady.
(c) The mood changes in the poem. It transforms from ________.
(i) happiness to fear.  (ii) anxiety to grief.
(iii) fear to happiness.  (iv) love to pain.
(d) The shore of Lochgyle has been referred to as ‘fatal shore’! The poetic devise used here is ______.
(i) metaphor   (ii) simile
(iii) transferred epithet  (iv) onometatopoeia. 
Answer: (a)-(i),  (b)-(iv),  (c)-(ii),  (d)-(i).
Q.6: In pairs copy and complete the summary of the poem with suitable words / expressions:
A Scottish Chieftain and his beloved were (a)______ from her wrathful father. As they reached the shores, the (b)_______ told a boatman to (c)_________ them across Lochgyle. He asked him to do it quickly because if (d)_______ found them, they would kill him. The boatman (e)_______ to take them not for the (f)_______ that the chieftain offered but for his (g)______. By this time, the storm had (h)________ and a wild wind had started blowing. The sound of (i)________ could be heard close at hand. The lady urged the boatman (j)______ as she did not want to face angry father.
Their boat left the (k)_______ and as it got caught in the stormy sea, Lord Ullin reached the deadly (l)________.
His anger changed to wailing when he saw his daughter (m)________. He asked her to return to the shore. But it was (n)_______ as the stormy sea claimed his daughter and her lover.   
Answer: (a) escaping (b) chieftain (c) row (d) Lord Ullin’s armed men (e) agreed (f) silver (g) winsome lady (h) intensified (i) horses’ hoofs / footsteps (j) to make haste (k) stormy land / shores (l) shore (m) drawing / caught in the storm with her lover (n) too late / in vain
Q.7: Why does Lord Ullin’s daughter defy her father and elope with her lover?   
Answer: Lord Ullin’s daughter has fallen in love with the chieftain. She wants to marry him but she knows her father will not agree to it rather, he will become angry and kill her lover. So, Lord Ullin’s daughter defies her father and elopes  with her lover in order to escape the wrath of her father.
Q.8: Give two characteristics of the boatman who ferries the couple across the sea.
Answer: Brave, Not greedy, Sympathetic and helpful who risked his life just to save the couple. (Quote any two)
Q.10: Read the following lines and answer the questions that follow:
“His horsemen hard behind us ride;
Should they our steps discover,
Then who will cheer my bonny bride
When they have slain her lover?”
(a) Who is ‘his’ in line 1? Who does ‘us’ refer to?
(b) Explain – ‘cheer my bonny bride’.
(c) Why would the lover be slain?
Answer: (a) ‘His’ refers to Lord Ullin and ‘us’ refers to the Chieftain and his beloved, Lord Ullin’s daughter.
(b) The bonny ride is the beautiful beloved of the chieftain. She has defied her father who is angry with her and wants top kill the chieftain. If the chieftain were killed there would be none to comfort, console and support her.
(c) The lover would be slain because he has eloped with Lord Ullin’s daughter. Lord Ullin is angry and wants to have him killed.  
Q.11:  “The water-wraith was shrieking”. Is the symbolism in this line a premonition of what happens at the end? Give reasons for your answer.
Answer: The water-wraith signifies the fury of the raging sea-waves. The waves which look like a monster are a premonition of the drowning disaster that happens at the end. The lovers were killed in the stormy sea.   
Q.12: The poet uses words like ‘adown’, ‘rode’ which contain harsh consonants. Why do you think the poet has done this?
Answer: The poet has used such harsh consonants to suggest to tough time ahead of the lovers. On one hand the wind and climate has become wilder, and on the other, the menacing wrath of lord Ullin and his men which was getting closer.
Q.13: In stanza 10, the poet says –
The boat has left the stormy land,
A stormy sea before her, ----
(a) In both these lines, the word ‘stormy’ assumes different connotations. What are they?
(b) The lady faces a dilemma here. What is it? What choice does she finally make?
Answer: (a) A ‘stormy’ land suggests the danger on the land from Lord Ullin and his armed men. A ‘stormy’ sea indicates the fury of the monstrous wave sin the sea. Thus, there is danger both on the land and in the sea for the lovers.
(b) The lady faces a dilemma of choosing between an angry father on the land, and going into a stormy sea. She finally chooses to face the stormy sea rather than facing her angry father.  
Q.14: (a) “Lord Ullin reached that fatal shore” just as his daughter left it> (Stanza 11). Why the shore is called fatal?
(b) Why does Lord Ullin’s wrath change into wailing on seeing his daughter?
Answer: The shore is called fatal because it was here that the disaster took place. Here the lovers go into the sea where the raging storm will soon perish the boat and the persons in it.
(b) Lord Ullin’s helplessly witnesses his daughter drowning in the stormy waters and no one could rescue her from there. Lord Ullin’s wrath changes into wailing as he realized that it was only because of him that he lost his beloved daughter.  
Q.15: “One lovely hand she stretche’d for aid.” Do you think Lord Ullin’s daughter wanted to reach out to her father? If yes, why? (Stanza 12)
Answer: Yes, Lord Ullin’s daughter wanted to reach out to her father. Because she knew that only her father could rescue her and her lover from the jaws of death.
Q.17: What is the rhyme scheme of the poem?
Answer: The poem consists of four-line stanzas. The first line of each stanza rhyme with the third, and second line rhymes with the fourth. The rhyme scheme is –
Ab ab, cd cd, ef ef . . . and so forth.       
Q.18: Imagine you are one of the chiefs of the cavalry riding behind Lord Ullin. You and your men ride for three days at the end of which you reach the shore. Narrate your experience as you witnessed a father lamenting the loss of his child, in the form of a diary entry.
Q.19: Imagine that you are Lord Ullin. You bemoan and lament the tragic loss of your lovely daughter and curse yourself for having opposed her alliance with the chieftain. Express your feelings of pain and anguish in a letter to your friend.  
(Answers of Q.18 and 19 will be uploaded soon so, keep watching!!)
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    What a tragedy! Imagine having to watch the death of two young lovers. I feel responsible for their death.Of course we were working under the orders of Lord Ullin. He had asked us to chase the two eloping lovers. His daughter and the cheif of the ulva's isle.He did not want them to marry. We roe for three days and three nights.Lord Uliin's daughter has ordered us to bring his daughter back and kill a cheiftain.But when we finally reach the bank of lochgyle.We saw the two young lovers trying to cross the leg as the wheather was stormy, the waves were too much for the boatman at before we could react the boat overturn and the lovers along with the boatman were thrown into the water.All we saw of them,what the end of the girl.The stretching of the girl out of the water. As if trying for help.Lord ullin was shattered,or his anger disappeared.He almost threw himself into the water to save his daughter's life.We had a tough time keeping him from jumping into the ragging water.If only Lord ullin had accepted their love,He wouldn't have been left lamenting and he crying as he is enough.

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