Chapter 4, Materials : Metals and Non-Metals | Class 8, Cbse Ncert Science Solutions | Model Questions with Answers


Class VIII, NCERT (CBSE) Science
Additional Important Questions for Examination Preparation with Answers  
Very Short Answer Questions (VSQ)
Q.1: Name two metals which are both malleable and ductile.  
Q.2: Name a metal which exists in liquid state.
Q.3: Identify the most reactive and the least metal amongst the following:
K, Cu, Au.
Q.4: Which metal is used for making foils for packing of medicine tablets?
Q.5: Which metal is used for decorating sweets?
Q.6: Name a non-metal which is a good conductor of heat and electricity.
Q.7: Oxides of non-metals are generally of which nature?
Q.8: How do non-metals react with water?
Q.9: What is displacement reaction?
Q.10: Why silver does not displace hydrogen from dilute hydrochloric acid?
Short Answer Questions (SQ)
Q.11: What are Sonorous materials?
Q.12: Define: (1) Malleability (2) Ductility (3) Metals (4) Non-metals (5) Metalloids
Q.13: What is Rust ?
Q.14: What is an alloy? Describe.
Q.15: How do different metals react with water?
Long Answer Questions
Q.16: Why are utensils made of aluminium and brass?
Q.17: Give reasons:
(i) Iron is used in constructing bridges and houses.
(ii) Aluminium is used for making electrical wires.
(iii) Sulphur is counted as non-metal.
Q.18: Give some uses of non-metals.
Q.19: Compare the chemical properties of metals and non-metals.
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