Class 9, Peasants and Farmers - Solutions of CBSE Guide and Guess Questions for Chapter 6 NCERT History


Chapter 6, Peasants and Farmers

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Additional Short Answer type CBSE Guess Questions
Question 1: Who was Captain Swing?
Answer: It was a mythical name used in the threatening letters sent to the landowners to destroy their threshers themselves which deprived workmen of their livelihood.

Question 2: Why did the whole region of the Great Plains become a dust bowl?
Answer: The persistent drought during the 1930s coupled with the ever increasing greed of the zealous farmers who had recklessly uprooted all vegetation, facilitated the winds to blow with a furious speed and turn the whole region into a dust bowl.

Question 3: Which were the two major commercial crops grown in India in the 19th century during the colonial period?
Answer: Indigo and opium.

Question 4: What was the difference in making the enclosures in the 16th century and in the 18th century?
Answer: In the sixteenth century, the enclosures were made to promote sheep farming but in the eighteenth century, the enclosures were made to increase grain production.

Question 5: What were the advantages of the enclosures to the landlords?
(1) They were found necessary for long term investments on land.
(2) Enclosures proved useful for promoting sheep farming and increasing food production.
(3) Enclosures also enabled the richer landowners to expand the land under their control.

Question 6: In 1960s’ why did the farmers begin growing turnip and clove?
Answer: Because turnip and clove were good fodders for cattle. Moreover, cultivation of turnip and clove increased the nitrogen content of the soil which proved quite useful for the growth of other crops as well.

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