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Class IX, NCERT (CBSE) English (Communicative)

Interact in English Literature Reader

The Bishop's Candlesticks

Additional Hot Questions
Q.1: ‘Always remember, my son, that this poor body is the Temple of the Living God.’
(a) Who says these words and to whom?
(b) What does he mean to say this?
(c) Does the person spoken agree with his remarks?
Q.2: ‘Human body is the temple of living God.’ Explain this remark in context of this drama.
Q.3: What is the theme of the play ‘The Bishop’s Candlesticks’?
Q.4: Why does the Bishop cherish the candlesticks so much? What does he say about them to his sister, Persome?

Q.5: Do you think that Persome’s concern about her brother and his generosity is justified?
Q.6: Why does the Bishop save the convict from the police and help him escape?   

Q.7: Is the convict’s transition from a beast to a believer creditable?
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