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Class 10, CBSE English (Communicative)

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Two Gentlemen of Verona 

by A J Cronin

Mrs. Packletide’s Tiger 

by Saki

The Letter

by Dhumaketu

A Shady Plot

by Elsic Brown

Patol Babu, Film Star

by Satyajit Ray

Virtually True

by Paul Stewart


The Frog and the Nightingale

by Vikram Seth


by Sylvia Plath

Not Marble nor the Gilded Monuments (Sonnet 55)

by William Shakespeare


by Perey Bysshe Shelley


by D H Lawrence

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

by S T Coleridge


The Dear Departed

by Stanley Houghton

Julius Caesar

by William Shakespeare

Chapters of Old CBSE Syllabus (Retained for those who need them)
The Tribute

Cutie Pie

The Ultimate Safari
Night of the Scorpion

Ode to the West Wind

A Christmas Carol


Vamsee said...

Hai this is a wonderful website and I and my friends liked it very much. We are of Class X and I want the blog developers to please keep all the exercises of all the subjcets which will come in SA-I. Please.....

Vamsee said...

Hai plese keep some grammar material of class X sanskrit. Please...

Jincy said...

plz make the exercises of SA-2 available

ashish said...

i am a class 10 student
i want julius caesar solved textbook exercise
pls help me get it

archana said...

how to find anwers of the frog and the nightingale?

VINAY said...

This is a great site to study and to increase creativity But can u get me all the answers of all the chapters plzzz....

rockstar said...

hey plz keep answers of all chapters of all subjects plzzzz......

ACHU said...


ishan said...

a great guide but i want all the chapters answers

Simran Sadani said...

yup..same here.. i also want the answers...

arsh said...

bakwassss site hai solns hi nhi hai

abhi said...

summary of julius caesar plzzzz

Lata Chaurasia said...

summary of julius caesar plzzzz

Lata Chaurasia said...

i want answers of julius caesar

Abhijit Joardar said...

Please be informed that we do not post summary of any prose / story here. You will get here answers of NCERT textbook exercise questions plus sample questions important from examination point of view for all chapters including Julius Caesar. Keep watching .. Thanks.

stavan said...

i want mcq's on the two gentlemen of verona
plz help me

where is julius ceaser exercise answers

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