Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy - CBSE Sample Questions with Answers for Class 7 NCERT English Chapter 1, Honeycomb


7th CBSE Guide for NCERT English

Three Questions by Leo Tolstoy

Question: What was the king's problem?
Answer: The king's problem was how to avoid a failure in any business or occasion. For this he wanted a clear cut answer or solution to his three questions - the right time for doing something, the right thing, and the right persons who could give him proper guidance at any time. He thought that he would never fail in any matter if he knew answers to these three questions.

Question: Why did the king go to the hermit?
Answer: When the king could not satisfy himself by the answers given by the wise men then he decided to seek advice of a hermit who used to live in the forest and was famous for his wisdom. The hermit never went out of the forest and used to meet only common people. So the king went to the forest in disguise of a common man to seek answers to his three questions from the hermit.

Question: (i) What efforts did the king make to get the answers?
(ii) Who asked the questions and who answered?
(iii) What reason did some wise men give for consulting a council of wise men?
(iv) What was it that changed the heart and mind of the bearded man?
(v) Mention the three ways by which the king helped his enemy, a bearded man.
Answer: (i) The king announced a reward to the person who would give satisfactory answers.
(ii) The king asked the questions and some wise men answered them.
(iii) They said that it might not be possible for a single person to give right answer of every question always. So the king should better form a council of wise men and consult with them.
(iv) The change in the bearded man's attitude came about because the king whom he had planned to kill, helped and saved his life.
(v) 1. The king removed the wounded man's clothing and washed his wound. 2. The king gave him fresh water to drink. 3. He carried the wounded man into the hut and laid him on the bed.

Question: Why did the bearded man want to take revenge?
Answer: The king had punished the bearded man's brother to death and seized his property. So, the bearded man wanted to take revenge by killing the king.

Question: What is the moral of the story "Three Questions"?
What message do we get from the story "Three Questions"?
Answer: The morale of the story "Three Questions" is that - revenge is not the solution to settle the scores. The best solution is 'Service to Mankind and Love' which is more powerful than hatred. That is the best way by which we can win the heart of even our sworn enemy as a friend. 

Question: Fill in the blanks:
(a) The king was anxious to know the answers to his three questions so that _____.
(b) The three questions of the king were related to _____ and _____.
(c) Some wise people suggested to the king to follow _____ a set of timetable.
(d) The king was also tired because of ______ and ______ the wounded man.
(e) The present is the most important time because it is the moment _____.
Answer: (a) he might not fall in anything. (b) right time, right type of people and the right sort of work. (c) according to. (d) walking, nursing. (e) when we have the power to act.

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