CBSE tightens affiliation rule


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has discontinued the provision of granting permanent affiliation to schools run by private managements and public sector undertakings (PSUs).
Now the private and PSU-run schools will have to apply for renewal of application every three years or five years, in a move decried as the national board's attempts at "commercialisation". The CBSE charges a fee of Rs 25000 for processing applications for renewal of provisional affiliations.
Last week CBSE amended its bylaws to scrap the system under which schools that had been provisionally affiliated to the CBSE for more than 10 yrs and were fulfilling all the requirements like land, building and teachers were given permanent affiliation.
"The board has decided to discontinue the provisions of permanent affiliation bylaws," said a circular issued by CBSE secretary on January 3.
The circular was issued after CBSE governing body decided to tighten its affiliation rule at its meeting on December 18 last year. Earlier, the affiliation committee of the CBSE had suggested such a measure.
The board has around 19500 affiliated schools, including 15000 private institutions.
The CBSE has been giving provisional affiliation to new private schools, regular one time affiliation to government schools and permanent affiliation to private and PSU-run schools having completed provisional affiliation for 10 years.
Now in general, this can be interpreted that the system of renewal of applications has been made to ensure continuous scrutiny and maintenance of standards in schools. However, the regular one time affiliation for government schools will continue as usual.   
(Source: Telegraph - edited)

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