Human Physiology - Locomotion and Movement: Class 11 Biology CBSE Guess Questions with Answers


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Class XI NCERT Biology - Human Physiology


Very Short Answer Type CBSE Guess Questions (VSQ)
Question 1. Which bones are present in pectoral girdle?
Question 2. Write down the formula of vertebral column.
Question 3. Name the cells/tissues in human body which
(a) Exhibit ameboid movement
(b) Exhibit ciliary movement.
Question 4. Write down the phallangel formula of human forelimb.

Short Answer Type CBSE Guess Questions (SQ)
Question 5. Differences between kyphosis and lordosis?
Question 6. Name the different bones of
(i) Middle ear.
(ii) Pelvic Girdle.
Question 7. Name the type of joint between the following:-
(a) atlas and axis
(b) carpal and metacarpal of thumb
(c) femur and acetabulum
(d) between cranial bones.
Question 8. What is the difference between the matrix of bone and cartilage?

Long Answer Type CBSE Guess Questions (LQ)
Question 9. Describe structure of actin and myosin proteins.
Question 10. Distinguish between
(a) Pronator and supinator
(b) Abductor and adductor
Question 11. Explain the bones of rib cage.

Very Long Answer Type CBSE Guess Questions (VLQ)
Question 12. How does calcium affect the process of muscle contraction?
Question 13. Explain sliding filament theory of muscle contraction.
Question 14. Explain the bones of fore limbs.
Question 15. Describe the various types of joints present in human body with examples.

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