CBSE Guess Paper, Practice Paper | Class IX, Science - Physics


CBSE Guess and Guide Sample Paper
Class IX Science (Physics)

Time 3 Hours                                                                                  M.M.20
Q.1. What is persistence of hearing?          [1]
Q.2. What does the slope of speed-time graph indicate?          [2] 
Q.3. What is one Newton?          [1]
Q.4. Why will a sheet of paper fall lower than one that is crumpled into a ball?          [2]
Q.5. A stone is dropped from the edge of a roof.          [4]
          (a) How long does it take to fall 4.9m?
          (b) How fast does it move at the end of that fall?
          (c) How does it move at the end of 7.9m?
          (d) What is its acceleration after 1 second and after 2 second?  
Q.6. A boy and a girl do the same work in 5 min and 10 min respectively. Which of these has more power and why?          [1]
Q.7. (a) What name has been given to the force with which two objects lying a part attract each other?
        (b) What happens to the gravitational force between two objects when the distance between them is - (i) doubled  (ii) half          [2]
Q.8. (a) What is the condition for a force to do work on a body?
        (b)  A boy throws a rubber ball vertically upwards. What type of work, positive or negative is done: (i) By force applied by boy? (ii) By the gravitational force of earth?          [3]
Q.9. Name the characteristics of sound which depends on: (i) Amplitude  (ii) Waveform          [1]
Q.10. Give one use of ultrasound in industry and one in hospitals?          [1]
Q.11. A sonar station picks up a return signal after 3seconds. How far away is object? (speed of sound in water=1440m/s)          [1]
Q.12. Name that part of ear which vibrates when outside sound fall on it?          [1] 

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