CBSE News: CBSE starts One Syllabus, One Exam policy
One board, one exam, one syllabus is the new policy of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

CBSE students who have been following the board's international syllabus will have to answer questions prepared from the national curriculum from 2018.

"From 2018, there will be no separate question papers for students of CBSE International (CBSEI) schools," a senior board official said. "All the students will answer the same question papers."

Among the board's 19,700 affiliated schools, around two dozen in India and about a hundred abroad have been following the CBSEI curriculum, introduced in 2010 for a few schools in the UAE, Singapore, Japan and Saudi Arabia.

The idea was to help these students, who read more on world history and emerging global issues in science and international politics, compete with those enrolled with boards like the International Baccalaureate and the UK-based Cambridge.

Last December, the CBSE examined the poor feedback of its international curriculum and the logic behind persisting with two types of syllabi. Sources said it was decided that the curriculum followed by most schools would be continued with for all CBSE affiliated schools.

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