CBSE News: Changes in Exam and Grading from Class 6 to 8 in CBSE School


Major changes made by CBSE in the result format and grading system from Class VI to Class VIII

  • Officially the Co-scholastic activities will continue, with the schools certifying their pupils' performances on a3 pint scale: outstanding, very good and fair. But this will have no bearing on the student's overall grade.
  • Only 2 exams per year - Half Yearly Exam and Yearly or Annual Exam.
  • Uniform examination system for all 18688 CBSE-affiliated schools.

Half-yearly Exam
  • A written test of 80 marks covering the syllabus for the first 6 months in each subject.
  • Weightage of 20 marks to periodic assessment by class teacher on academic performance, note book submission, subject-enrichment activities.

Yearly (Annual) Exam
  • 80 - 20 ratio remains same.
  • Class 6: Written test to take in the syllabus for the second 6 months plus 10 per cent of the first 6 months covering significant topics.
  • Class 7: Syllabus for the second half plus 20 percent of the syllabus of the first 6 months. 
  • Class 8: Syllabus for the second half plus 30 percent of the syllabus of the first 6 months.

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