Lesson 7 Honeydew, A Visit to Cambridge - Class 8 CBSE English - NCERT Answers


Class 8 Cbse Ncert English - HONEYDEW

Lesson 7, A Visit To Cambridge

Cbse Ncert Answers of Honeydew important exercise questions  

Working with the Text (Only Important Questions)

(i) Did the prospect of meeting Stephen Hawking make the writer nervous? If so why?
(ii) Did he at the same time feel very excited? If so why?
(i) Yes, the prospect of meeting Stephen Hawking made the writer nervous. He was doubtful whether he would be allowed to meet him even for ten minutes or not.
(ii) Yes at the same time, the writer felt very excited because he was going to meet a disabled person like him, who had made great achievement in life. The writer was allowed to meet Prof Stephen Hawking for half an hour ‘from three-thirty to four’.   

QUESTION.2: Guess the first question put to the scientist by the writer.
Answer: The first question put to the scientist by the writer was how he felt when someone said he had been brave.

QUESTION.3: Stephen Hawking said, “I’ve had no choice.” Does the writer think there was a choice? What was it?
Answer: Yes, the writer thinks there was a choice. It was to live creatively despite facing the reality of his disabled body.

QUESTION.4: “I could feel his anguish.” What could be the anguish?
Answer: The anguish was that he found it very difficult to express himself with the right words in his computer. His pale fingers and eyes frustrated in exhaustion. He could not express himself freely though ideas were floating in his mind.

QUESTION.5: What endeared the scientist to the writer so that he said that he was looking at one of the most beautiful men in the world?
Answer: When the writer asked the scientist if he felt annoyed when someone like the writer went and disturbed him in his work, then the scientist answered yes with his one way smile. This endeared the writer as he knew without being sentimental or silly he was looking at one of the most beautiful men in the world. 

QUESTION.8: What is the scientist’s message for the disabled?
Answer: The disabled should concentrate on what they are good at. It is foolish to waste time in imitating the normal people.

QUESTION.9: Why does the writer refer to guitar incident? Which idea does it support?  
Answer: The writer spent many years trying to play a Spanish guitar considerably larger than he was. One night he unstrung joyfully. It supports the idea that things like the disabled Olympics are a waste of time. Disabled persons should practice only what they are good at.  

QUESTION.10: The writer expresses his great gratitude to Stephen Hawking. What is the gratitude for?  
Answer: The writer expresses gratitude to Stephen Hawking as he spared time for the writer. After the meeting the author felt much inspired and with more confidence and strength to live more creatively. He felt that he had met the greatest and the best disabled on the earth.

 Working with Language (Important Questions)    

QUESTION.3: Use all or both in the blanks.
      (i)       He has two brothers. ______ are lawyers.
     (ii)       More than ten persons called. ____ of them wanted to see you.
    (iii)       They ____ cheered the team.
    (iv)       ____ her parents are teachers.
    (v)       How much have you got? Give me _____ of it.
Answer: (i) Both (ii) All (iii) all (iv) Both (v) all

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