Chapter 6 Honeydew - This is Jody’s Fawn - CBSE Guide NCERT Answers, Solutions of Class 8 English


CBSE Class 7 NCERT English - Honeydew

Chapter 6, This is Jody’s Fawn

 NCERT Solutions & NCERT Answers (Comprehension Check)

Question.1: How did the doe save Penny’s life?
Answer: Jody’s father Penny killed the doe. He used its heart and liver to draw out the poison. Thus doe saved Penny’s life by sacrificing her own life.
Question.2: Why does Jody want to bring the fawn home?
Answer: Jody’s father Penny killed the fawn’s mother to save his own life. Thus the fawn’s mother saved Jody’s father by sacrificing her own life. Now the fawn was alone. Jody thought that it will be ungraceful to leave the little fawn without its mother. It was likely to starve in the forest and die. Jody wants to bring the fawn home and raise it. 
Question.3: How does Jody know that the fawn is male?
Answer: Jody’s father had told how to recognize whether a fawn is male or female. The spots of this fawn are all in line. So Jody knows that it is male. On a female fawn the spots are in different directions.
Question.4: Jody did not want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. What were they?
Answer: Jody did not want Mill-wheel with him for two reasons. Firstly, he feared that his search for the fawn might be wasted. The fawn might have been killed. He might have been lost. In that case Jody did not want Mill-wheel to see the disappointment on his face.
The second reason was the opposite. In case he found the fawn, the meeting would be very lovely and secret. In that case Jody could not endure to share it with anyone else.   
Question.5: Why was Mill-wheel afraid to leave Jody alone?
Answer: Jody was a child. He could loose himself in the forest or even be bitten by a snake. So, Mill-wheel was afraid to leave Jody alone.  

 NCERT Answers (NCERT Solutions) of important exercise questions

Question.1: Why did Penny Baxter allow Jody to go find the fawn and raise it?
Answer: There were two reasons why Penny Baxter allowed Jody to find the fawn and raise it. First he loved Jody too much to deny him what e wanted. Secondly, he was convinced by Jody’s argument and realized that it would be ungrateful if they left the fawn to starve. After all, he had killed the fawn’s mother to save his own life. Therefore, it was their duty to protect and raise the motherless, little fawn.   
Question.2: What did Doc Wilson mean when he said, “Nothing in the world ever comes free”?
Answer: Doc Wilson meant that they must pay the price to the doe they had killed. The price according to him was to raise her fawn.  
Question.3: How did Jody look after the fawn, after he accepted the responsibility for doing this?
Answer: Jody gave fawn the affection of a mother. First he fed him with his fingers. Then he taught him to suck milk from the gourd.
Question.4: How did Jody’s mother react when she hears that he is going to bring the fawn home? Why does she react in this way?
Answer: Jody’s mother catches her breath in surprise when she hears about Jody’s plan. She was pouring the coffee. She held the coffee pot in air. The reason for her reacting in this manner was that she could not tolerate at all the idea of a fawn being at home. Moreover she did not want to spend anything on an animal.

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