Class 7 CBSE English Supplementary Reader - Chapter 10 An Alien Hand - Answers of NCERT Questions


CBSE Class VII, NCERT English Supplementary Reader


Answers of NCERT English Comprehension Check (Important Questions from Chapter)

Question.1: How does Tilloo manage to find his way to the ‘forbidden passage’?
Answer: Tilloo had observed his father using a security card to open a metal door leading to the forbidden passage. So Tilloo, one afternoon, gets hold of his father’s security card and evading his parents’ eyes finds his way to the ‘forbidden passage’.
Question.2: What did Tilloo hope to see once he emerged from his underground home?
Answer: Tilloo hoped to see the Sun, if it was a day or the stars, if it was a night.
Question.3: Why did Tilloo’s father advise him not to try and reach the surface of the planet?
Answer: Tilloo’s father advised Tilloo not to try and reach the surface of the planet because there the air was too thin to breathe and the temperature too low to survive. Tilloo’s father had been trained and well-equipped to survive there but an ordinary person would die.
Question.4: What changes had occurred, which forced people to live in the underground homes?  
Answer: The Sun had turned hostile. The air became too thin to breathe and the temperature too low to survive. Birds, fish and all other animals died. Hence, the people were forced to live in underground homes.
Question.6: What do you think the mechanical hand was trying to do?
Answer: The mechanical hand was trying to collect soil samples from the Martian surface.
Question.7: On which planet do Tilloo and his parents live?
Answer: Tilloo and his parents lived on Mars.

Answers of NCERT English Textbook Exercise - important questions only

Question.2: What, if anything, might drive mankind to make their homes underground?

Answer: Mankind may be forced to live underground if the living conditions on the surface of the planet become insupportable to life. Extreme heat or cold may be one reason. Pollution in air, thin air, different atmosphere and even destruction plants and trees may be some of the reasons which might force human being to live underground in artificial surroundings.  

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