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The Third Level by Jack Finney

Lesson 1, Vistas - NCERT Supplementary Reader in English for Class XII (Core Course)

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Question 1: What does the third level refer to?
Solution 1: The third level refers to the subway of the Grand Central Station that takes passengers to Galesburg, Illinois. The third level on the Grand Central Station was a medium of escape for Charley (the narrator) from the harsh realities of modern life. It provided him a base where he could interweave fantasy and reality there.

Question 2: Would Charley ever go back to the ticket-counter on the third level to buy tickets to Galesburg for himself and his wife?
Solution 2: Charley wanted to buy two tickets to Galesburg for himself and his wife. But he never again found the corridor that led to the third level at Grand Central Station. So Charley couldn't buy two tickets from the ticket counter on the third level.
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