CBSE News: CBSE adopts on-screen marking system to evaluate Class 10 answer sheets


The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), will conduct on-screen evaluation of class 10 answer sheets through an on screen marking (OSM) system. Bringing on-screen marking (OSM) system by CBSE for the first time will not only eliminate any chance of wrong totaling of final marks but also alienate the apprehensions in the minds of students that any of their answer might have remained unchecked. 
According to CBSE regional director of Ajmer region Kamal Pathak, after codification, answer sheets of the students would be scanned which would be then sent to the examiner for evaluation. 
“The examiner would check the answer sheets on the computer. No answer will remain unchecked as software will open the next page of scanned copy only after the examiner has completely checked the previous page,” said Pathak.
Moreover, the totaling of marks would also be carried out simultaneously by the on-screen marking (OSM) software so there would be no scope for wrong marks, Pathak added. 
After the success of on-screen marking (OSM) system for class 10 this year it would be implemented for class 12 exam in the next year as well.


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