Chemical Effects of Electric Current - CBSE Guide for Class 8, Science


Class 8, NCERT Science - A CBSE Guide with Solutions of CBSE Guess Sample Questions

 Chemical Effects of Electric Current

CBSE Guess Questions with short answers

Question.1: What are conductors?

Question.2: What are insulators?

Question.3: Are liquids conductors of electricity?

Question.4: What are the metal rods dipped in liquids to which cells are attached called?

Question.5: When we pass current through a conducting solution of water, which gas bubbles will appear near positively charged electrodes?

Question.6: Name any chemical effect of electric current.

Question.7: To which terminal of the battery the metal meant for electroplating is attached?

Question.8: In which direction does current flow?

Question.9: Which gas will accumulate near negative electrode when electric current is passed through a conducting solution of water?

CBSE Guess Questions with long answers
Question.10: What is LED, why is it the most preferable source of electricity?  

Question.11: How can you prove conducting properties of substances when the current is very small and bulb does not glow?

Question.12: What is ‘Electroplating’? Describe.

Question.13: Give some advantages of electroplating.

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